Haiti Missions

In 2004, we partnered with the Severe Foundation and Hearts for Haiti and began ministering in the most impoverished nation in the Western Hemisphere. Today, Frontline and Severe Foundation are on our way to finishing a self sustaining community school where we can house the orphans and widows of Haiti. Our current needs are listed below.
Haiti Needs List in Detail:

Large Purchases:

  1. Diesel Van or Truck: $20,000
  2. Church Completion: $15,000

Medium Purchases:

    1. Water Bags Supplies: $1,500
    2. Kitchen Supplies (plates, silverware, dishes, propane over): $1,500
    3. Sewing Supplies: $1,000

Monthly Needs:

  1. Food for Kids: $1,800/mo
  2. Gas for Diesel Generator: $500/mo
  3. Repairs and Maintenance: $500/mo
  4. Primary Teacher Salary (22 teachers x $100): $2,200/mo
  5. Secondary Teacher Salary (15 teachers x $150): $2,250/mo
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Thank You! Needs met by Eione Stephens Trust and Jonnye Sue Forsch


Diesel Van

1993 diesel van (40k miles) loaded with food & supplies.